Cloudsdale Radio s'arrete bientôt!

Cloudsdale Radio is shuting down!

Hi everyone, I'm Quentin "Sirius" Silva, founder of Cloudsdale Radio, and I have a final announcement to make.
After almost a year of thinking, The Cloudsdale Radio team made the decision to close the station on December 31, 2019.
It's been almost 7 years I manage Cloudsdale Radio, and it breaks my heart to do it, but the radio has grown older even though our teams are struggling for maintain it. We think that the station has had its day, that it is time to move on to other things. When I created Cloudsdale Radio, I landed in the fandom brony I saw only the best. However, I learned to know the fandom, these drama, these person bad intention, I had the chance to meet incredible people. however I lost interest in the series and the fandom once Harmonia close. Infect since the disappearance of the chat box.
It is in 2017 that for my part I took the decision to leave the fandom, and I let the radio broadcasting without paying too much attention. one day Azmerhos told me he wanted to learn server / network management and development that I took back interest in radio.
I entrusted to him the management of the servers and the communication of Cloudsdale Radio.
However it is not part of the fandom, and is not brony either or did not watch the show.

I want to say that the station does not close because of drama or other conspiracy, nor even for financial concern, simply we have more interest in other subject now that the My Little Pony series is over we think it's good to finish this project as well. when we have for the first time evoke the subject of creates another web radio project there was no question of closing Cloudsdale Radio but a merger that would come later. we have to change our minds in the end simply to replace Cloudsdale Radio with a new project. However Station 1 will continue to work for some time on the new project: AnimeFM

AnimeFM will be a new WebRadio in a Japanese style combining Japanese Pop and Anime, broadcasting 24/7, Cloudsdale Radio will continue to live on this new structure with a new team, and will be available in new areas such as a new relay in Singapore , London and New York I would also no longer be part of the station, I would only take care of the proper functioning of CloudsdaleGroup and the Administrative side.
I leave total project management to Asthriona et Azmerhos, they have my full trust and I am sure they will do a very good job to entertain you and maintain the stations of this new project. I also hope that you will enjoy this new project. We will keep the YouTube Live Stream functional and you can continue to enjoy it.

Thank you all for staying until the end, It was a pleasure to broadcast during all those years. #FromTheSky.

—Quentin "Sirius" Silva.